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Jeremy Stone

Jeremy J. StoneJeremy J. Stone (1935-2017) was President of Federation of American Scientists (FAS) (1970-2000), Catalytic Diplomacy (1999-2017), and Catalytic Longevity (2009-2017).

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An archive of some of his publications in arms control and mathematics can be found at the Research Gate.


“Many congratulations on your new website and the beautifully written treatise on the origin of western religions. It’s calm and lucid and very persuasive. I hope it will be widely read. I agree with your analysis that Paul, not Jesus, is the architect of Christianity. In light of your thesis, people will no longer be able to brush past the epileptic episodes in the lives of Paul, Muhammad and Luther instead of seeing them as central biographical facts.”
— Nicholas Wade, former science writer, editorial writer and editor for the New York Times